Freedom from trauma, anxiety and depression

Are you feeling trapped and unable to move on? Do you live with anxiety, fear and/or depression? 

Resourceful Minds offers professional therapy for all kinds of problems. Therapy is based on the Human Givens perspective, which is a scientifically based approach to mental health treatment. This is a quick and effective way of helping you overcome issues that affect your life in a negative way.

Trauma encompasses common life experiences such as divorce, childbirth, illness, accidents and bereavement, as well as those that might immediately come to mind like war, torture or rape. 

Based near Inverness, Resourceful Minds offers gentle, effective therapy for trauma, anxiety and depression that will help you leave the past behind. You'll learn to embrace a calm, relaxed state of mind and develop skills to maintain your emotional well-being in the long-term. 

Therapy is solution-focused which aims to move forwards rather than unnecessarily ruminating on past events.


Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience which can remain in the mind as if it happened only yesterday.

Anxiety is at the root of all psychological problems whether it is a fear, phobia, panic attacks or the inability to sleep well.

Depression is an anxiety disorder which can feel over whelming. It saps our energy and ability to experience joy, connection, and meaning. 

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Your therapist

Veryan J. Cooper

Veryan J.Cooper, Hypnotherapist

Veryan is passionate about hypnotherapy and the life changes it can bring. She is a qualified nurse who became interested in hypnotherapy after personally experiencing the benefits.

She trained with
Uncommon Knowledge and follows the Human Givens approach to treating mental health, keeping
up to date with the latest research and understanding of psychological problems and treatments.


She combines her nursing experience and extensive

training to provide effective therapy. Veryan utilises the
Rewind Technique and is an EMDR practitioner.