A life changing experience. I am no longer depressed or anxious and cope with life so much better than I ever thought possible

I had a bad marriage over fourteen years ago and still was suffering the effects. I used to have nightmares and panicked when I saw my ex. Now it no longer affects me in any way.

With one session of therapy, and the techniques I was taught during that session, I finally broke the cycle of insomnia that had to a great extent taken over my life.


Trauma encompasses common life experiences such as divorce, illness, accidents and bereavement, as well as those that might immediately come to mind like war, torture or rape.  We can talk about the trauma of childbirth, for those who have known it as terrifying and the trauma of a relationship that was violent.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur when a person has experienced or witnessed a deeply distressing or disturbing event. Symptoms include flashbacks, distressing recollections of the event, nightmares and feelings of intense fear, helplessness or horror. If left untreated it can result in panic attacks and depression as well as the physical effects of long term stress such as high blood pressure and digestive disorders.

Hypnotherapy and/or EMDR can decondition the anxiety around the event resulting in a calm and relaxed mind, enabling you to move on in life. Treatment is non intrusive and does not require you to talk about the event in any way.


Depression can be extremely debilitating and all consuming. Symptoms can include loss of pleasure in usual activities, sleep disruption, loss of appetite, agitation and anxiety, loss of energy, excessive worrying, difficulty in thinking, feelings of worthlessness, feeling over emotional, thoughts of suicide and loss of hope.


There is a 24hr cycle of depression which explains the connection between depressive thinking styles, emotional arousal, dreaming and exhaustion. Hypnosis will help you to break the cycle and change unhelpful thinking patterns and you will learn how to increase your serotonin levels naturally without the use of drugs.

Depression, as with many problems, can occur as a result of unmet basic needs. We will work
towards meeting those needs quickly and effectively.


Stress occurs when the demands placed on an individual threaten their ability to cope. Modern day threats take the form of things like stressful jobs, relationships and threats to self esteem. Anxiety is a natural response to a real threat. Problems arise when anxiety occurs at the wrong time when no real threat is present. If stress and anxiety are allowed to continue long term, things like digestive disorders, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia and depression can occur.

The antedote to anxiety is relaxation. Hypnotherapy will enable you to  be calm and relaxed in everyday situations.


Obsessions are recurrent and persistent ideas, impulses or images.  Compulsions are recurrent and persistent behaviours or mental acts. OCD works like an addiction where strong associations are made between situations and emotions and behaviour. Obsessions are the minds way of trying to fulfill basic needs e.g feeling in control or safe and secure. 


Hypnotherapy can help you break down the thoughts and emotions that hold the obsessions in place. We will look at all of your needs and healthy ways of meeting them.


Panic attacks are acute episodes of severe anxiety and can be extremely distressing and frightening for the sufferer. The fight or flight response is triggered inappropriately by an imagined threat. Symptoms 
of this sudden and intense anxiety include a racing heart, sense of losing control, hyperventilation and shaking. A good analogy is a faulty car alarm that keeps going off unnecessarily.


Hypnotherapy can help you use your imagination in a positive and healthy way preventing the inappropriate triggering of the fight or flight response.


Phobias are extremely common and wide-ranging. A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of, or aversion to something, from the fear of flying to the fear of belly buttons or the colour yellow.  Our minds can learn to fear a situation inappropriately and attach that anxiety to imagined situations as well as real ones. This means you may have phobic symptoms just thinking about flying on a plane or seeing one take off on television.

Through hypnosis the mind can re learn how to relax in previously anxiety provoking situations.